Welcome to the place that will equip you, challenge you, and inspire you with practical solutions for your life.  Like a whole food store you don’t just find edible treats but things you need from personal hygiene to household products.  Expect the same thing here.  We have a broad definition for whole food and believe in promoting it in every area of life.  What we think and how we live effects the quality of the choices we make and for that reason dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that our life can take us in must be considered in developing a stable diet and establishing a healthy lifestyle.

Another important key is having an arsenal of simple healthy recipes with ingredients you can find locally.  When stress, a busy lifestyle, and a poor diet becomes the routine of our daily living we develop habits and taste buds that can barely be quenched any other way.  This sadly is the basis of our SAD diet in the U.S.A., and restoring the home cook, the health conscious individual is essential to changing the direction of our current health and securing a healthy future.  When we don’t eat right we don’t think straight.  Our goal is to equip you with the information  you need to be successful through inspiration, current news, simple recipes, and product reviews.  We arm you for success and help clean up your environment so that you can think clearly, cook efficiently, and live wholly.

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